Friday, February 29, 2008

My New Friends on STicKam

I came across this fun sight and of course i joined it out of pear pressure, and trying to keep up with the trend.

This is really getting me hooked. The site is mainly for webcam (isight) users, and its a huge community of people video chatting and making virtual friends from all over the world! Its just so much more personable and on real time!

As hard as it was, i still managed to get a hang of it pretty quick (2 full days), and i have to say, I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!

(above is a picture of my new group of friends on

Myspace and youtube....time to step your game up!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What im most afraid of....

Im a loving person, and a very sweet thoughtful friend. I always have a smile on my face, and i am always there for whoever needs me.

But the one thing..the one thing that i cannot stand, the one thing that changes me is when someone starts to hound me, hound me for ANY reason.

When anyone does that, i start to back off, i feel suffocated, i get scared, i dont want to be associated to them in any way.....i need space, i need air to breathe...

a little tip for yeah!

the fastest way to get me to ignore you is to HOUND ME!! ;)


The Gossip finally coming back to LA

Omg, so as you all know, i LOVE LOVE me some Beth Ditto!! While strolling around the internet one late night, i found out that her band "the Gossip" will be back in Los Angeles, performing a gig on April 19th! course once i heard the tickets were on sale, i was in ticket master...MASTERING away!! i managed to get myself 4 tickets for the show at the Henry Fonda theater!! omg i cant wait!!

Beth i come!!!

and yes i found more photos of beth ditto wearing Onch Jewelry (Beth Ditto White Razor)

If your reading this Beth!! Thank you for your forever love and support!!

Once new blog!!

Hello to all the readers out there

I cant wait to share with you all whats going on in my life.
(and my thoughts of whats happening around me!)

This blog will be updated more often, with fun exclusive photos, materials..etc.

Have fun be safe...and keep coming back!!